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Orway Mineral Consultants provide the following project services in all areas of our metallurgical expertise



OMC optimise and audit circuits worldwide. This process involves a site visit to analyse circuit performance through a review of production data, control philosophy and operating practices.


Optimisation of comminution circuits (crushing and grinding) are a core service provided to our clients. Surveys are undertaken with sample collection of key process streams. The samples are set for testwork, sizing, density determination and comminution characterisation tests. The survey data is analysed, unit processes benchmarked and a computer model of the circuit is produced. These techniques allow OMC to identify circuit bottlenecks and constraints, providing our clients with relevant and practical solutions to circuit optimisation. Significant throughput increases at target grind size are typically achieved.


Our clients can collect and supply the data, however the combination of a site visit and an office based modelling has been found to achieve the best results. Knowledge gained during the site visit allows identification of areas for possible improvement and the detailed modelling confirming the benefit.

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Process Design


Orway Mineral Consultants will make the right flowsheet selection for your project. By understanding the ore body, mining schedule and processing requirements, OMC model and compare all suitable flowsheet options and provide recommendations for the optimal circuit configuration. These assessments typically compare efficiency, capital and operating costs. In house modelling techniques developed for design, utilising testwork from drill core or whole rock samples are employed to size circuits, allowing options to be compared with the most suitable progressing forward. An engineering design brief is prepared providing a circuit description; process flow diagrams, mass balance and major equipment selections are reported as the basis of the selected flowsheet option.


OMC is experienced in process design across a wide range of commodities including gold, nickel, copper, cobalt, lead, zinc, PGM’s, iron ore, uranium, phosphates and mineral sands.

Remote Optimisation Consulting


OMC now offers a cloud base receptacle of all plant data and knowledge related to circuit, performance and optimisation via MillROC.


MillROC (Milling Remote Optimisation Consulting) remotely monitors circuits and provides online feedback to ensure a client’s processing plant is running optimally. Process IQ (PIQ) and Orway Mineral Consultants (OMC) have formed a Joint Venture company called Orway IQ that has developed MillROC.


The joint venture draws on the expertise of OMC with regards to comminution design, modelling and optimisation and Process IQ’s expertise in process control, automation and process instrutmentation.


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With a strong practical background in mineral processing including; gold, copper, nickel, manganese, lead/zinc, mineral sands, iron ore and uranium processing, the OMC team is available to assist in commissioning new and upgraded circuits.

Technical Auditing and Due Diligence


As an expert advisor, OMC can provide a technical review of metallurgical testwork, circuit selection, design criteria, capital and operating costs for proposed projects. In addition, technical audits of existing operations can be conducted including a review of metallurgical accounting practices and procedures, circuit efficiency and operating costs.


Project Reporting


OMC has a reputation for producing high quality reports offering practical industry based solutions to operational or engineering design problems. These reports are tailored to the client’s specific needs.



OMC provides an holistic approach to our services and as such offers an education and training package which is designed to improve the understanding of operating and optimising crushing and grinding circuits for all site personnel working in this area.


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