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Orway Mineral Consultants provide the following project services in all areas of our metallurgical expertise

Orway Projects in Australia

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Our Projects in Australia at a Glance

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Project NameCompany NameCountry/StateCommodityProject CategoryBusiness Sector
Arafura Nolans ProjectArafura Resources LimitedNTRare EarthStudyGrinding
Bigryli Comminution Circuit DesignEnergy Metals LimitedNTUraniumNew DesignGrinding
Browns Cost ReductionHNC (Australia) Resources Pty LimitedNTCopper/CobaltOptimisationHydrometallurgy
Browns Oxide - HNC (Australia)HNC (Australia) Resources Pty LimitedNTCopper/CobaltOptimisationHydrometallurgy
Balranald Mining Unit - IlukaIluka Resources LimitedNSWMineral SandsStudyScrubbers
Bowdens ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNSWSilverNew DesignGrinding
Cadia Fine GrindingLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdNSWGoldExpansionGrinding
Castle Hill GoldPhoenix Gold LimitedNSWGoldNew DesignGrinding
Cowal Comminution TrainingEvolution Mining (Cowal) Pty LtdNSWGoldTrainingGeneral
Dargues ReefOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNSWGoldNew DesignGrinding
Dubbo ZirconiaOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNSW ZirconiaNew DesignDry Grinding
Homeville Nickel ProjectOutotec Pty LtdNSWNickelNew DesignScrubbers
King Island ScheeliteOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNSWTungstenNew DesignGrinding
Mineral HillKBL Mining LimitedNSWGoldOptimisationGrinding
North Parkes Lycopodium Minerals Pty LtdNSWCopper/GoldExpansionGrinding
Crocodile GoldOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNTGoldStudyGrinding
GranitesNewmont Tanami Pty LtdNTGoldOptimisationGrinding
Highland Plains ProjectPhosphate Australia LimitedNTOtherStudyMetallurgy/Supervision
Jervois ProjectLycopodium Minerals QLD Pty LtdNTCopperStudyGrinding
Mt ToddOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNTGoldNew DesignGrinding
Nolans ProjectArafura Resources LimitedNTRare EarthsStudyGrinding
Northern Territory MagnetiteOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNTIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Peko ProjectCube ConsultingNTGoldStudyMetallurgy/Supervision
Redbank SulphideRedbank Operations Pty LtdNTCopperNew DesignGrinding
TanamiOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaNTGoldNew DesignBall Mill
Union ReefsCrocodile Gold OperationsNTGoldOptimisationGrinding
PNG Gold OxideOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaPNGGoldNew DesignGrinding
Dugald RiverMMG Dugald River Pty LtdQLDLead/ZincStudyGrinding
Ernest HenryOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaQLDCopperNew DesignGrinding
Georgina Basin Phosphate ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaQLDPhosphateNew DesignGrinding
Merlin ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaQLDMo/ReNew DesignGrinding
Mount CarltonConquest Mining limitedQLDGoldNew DesignGrinding
Mt Gordon Flotation Recovery ImprovementBirla Mt Gordon Pty LtdQLDCopperOptimisationFlotation
Nornico Lycopodium Minerals Pty LtdQLDnickelNew DesignCrushing
PajingoOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaQLDGoldOptimisationGrinding
RavenswoodGR Engineering Services LimitedQLDGoldOptimisationCrushing and Grinding
Sedgman Scheelite ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaQLDTungstenNew DesignGrinding
Bungalow ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaSAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Carrapateena Project - ComminutionOZ Minerals Carrapateena Pty LtdSACopperNew DesignGrinding
Carrapateena Project - HydrometallurgyOZ Minerals Carrapateena Pty LtdSACopperNew DesignHydrometallurgy
Central EyreOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaSAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Crusher & Screen SimulationGekko Systems - BallaratSAGoldOptimisationCrushing
HillsideOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaSACopperNew DesignGrinding
Iron Duke Hematite Tailings RecoveryHarsco Metals Australia Pty LimitedSAIron OreNew DesignGeneral
KanmantooMetallurgical Project Consultants Pty LtdSACopperStudySAG
Prominent Hill Expansion StudyOz Minerals Prominent Hill Operations PLSACopper/GoldExpansionGrinding
Uley GraphiteChimaera Capital Markets,SAOtherCommissioningGeneral
Avebury NickelOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaTasmaniaNickelNew DesignScrubbers
Hellyer Fossey Mine ProjectBass Metals LtdTasmaniaLead/ZincStudyGrinding
Mount Lindsay BFS ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaTasmaniaOtherNew DesignGrinding
Rogetta Iron OreOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaTasmaniaIron OreNew DesignSAG
RoseberyMinerva Engineers Pty LtdTasmaniaLead/ZincOptimisation and ExpansionGrinding
Stockman Copper ZincOutotec AustraliaVICCopper ZincStudyGrinding
Agnew Second-hand Equipment EvaluationGold Fields Australia Pty LtdWAGoldStudyCrushing
ALS POX pilot PlantALS MetallurgyWACopper/GoldNew DesignHydrometallurgy
Anketell and Lake MasonEnergy Metals LimitedWAUranium
API West Pilbara ScrubberOutotec Pty LtdWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
Argyle Diamond Drum ScrubberOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAOtherNew DesignGrinding
Aurora EnergyEnergy Ventures LimitedWAUraniumAuditHydrometallurgy
Balla BallaOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Bauxite ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWABauxiteNew DesignGrinding
Black Swan RestartMontezuma Mining Company LtdWANickelStudyEngineering
Brockman Iron Ore ProjectLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAIron OreOptimisationEngineering
Browns RangeLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWARare EarthNew DesignGrinding
Buckland ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
BullabullingBullabulling Gold LtdWAGoldStudyGrinding
Burnakura RecommissioningMonument Gold Operations LtdWAGoldCommissioningGeneral
Cape Lambert Ball MillOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Cardabia PhosphateStrata Minerals LtdWAPhosphateStudyMetallurgy/Supervision
Carosue DamSaracen Gold Mines Pty LimitedWAGoldStudyGrinding
Christmas Creek Plant AuditFortescue Metals Group LtdWAIron OreAuditEngineering
Cloudbreak Scrubber BenchmarkingOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreStudyScrubbers
Cookes CK TungstenOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAOtherStudyGrinding
Doolgunna ProjectOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWACopper/GoldNew DesignGrinding
Edna MayEvolution MiningWAGoldExpansionGrinding
Extension Hill AG HPGR Comparative Study - Scope 1Extension Hill Pty LtdWAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
FerrAus ScrubberSKMWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
FMG Christmas Creek Mass BalanceFortescue Metals Group LtdWAIron OreOptimisationOptimisation - Expansion
Forrestania Cosmic Boy Comminution ReviewWestern Areas NLWAnickelOptimisation and ExpansionGrinding
Garden Well AuditRegis Resources LimitedWAGoldOptimisationGrinding
Gidgee Gold MinePanoramic Gold Pty LtdWAGoldExpansionGrinding
GlenburghOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Golden Grove Hybrid ScrubberLycopodium Process Industries Pty LtdWACopperNew DesignScrubbers
GruyereOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Gullewa MineMutiny Gold LtdWAGoldExpansionGrinding
Hope DownsOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
Ilmenite pilot millAustpac Resources N.LWAIlmeniteNew DesignGrinding
Jabiru Metals Comminution AuditJabiru Metals LimitedWACopperAuditGrinding
Jack Hills Metallurgical SupportMurchison Metals LtdWAIron OreNew DesignMetallurgy/Supervision
Jaguar ConcentratorJabiru Metals LTDWACopper & ZincAuditGrinding
Jundee Grate InvestigationNewmont Yandal Operations P/L - JundeeWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Kanowna BelleBarrick (Kanowna) LimitedWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Karara Fine Grinding ReviewKarara Mining LtdWAIron OreOptimisationGrinding
Kirkalocka Gold MineMount Magnet South NLWAGoldExpansionGrinding
Lake ChandlerLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAPotashStudyHydrometallurgy
Leonora Metallurgical Accounting AuditSt Barbara LimitedWAGoldAuditMetallurgy/Supervision
Magellan Plant Start UpMagellan Metals Pty LtdWALeadOptimisationFlotation
Marandoo Mine Phase 2Lycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAIron OreStudyStudy
Marda GoldSouthern Cross Goldfields LtdWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Marillana Iron OreOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Marvel Loch Throughput & Grindsize PredictionSt Barbara LimitedWAGoldStudyGrinding
MedcalfOutotec Pty LtdWAVanadiumNew DesignGrinding
Metallurgical AssistanceIntertek GenalysisWAUraniumStudyMetallurgy/Supervision
Mineral Sands ScrubberOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAMineral SandsNew DesignScrubbers
MinjarMinjar Gold Pty LtdWAGoldOptimisation and ExpansionGrinding
Moolart WellRegis Resources NLWAGoldStudySAG
Mt HenryMt Henry Gold Mine Pty LtdWAGoldOptimisationGrinding
Mt Holland GoldfieldOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Mt KeithCape Crushing & Earth Moving ContractorsWANickelOptimisationGrinding
Mt WeldMintrexWAOtherNew DesignGrinding
Mulga RocksOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAUraniumNew DesignSAG
Mungari OperationsEvolution MiningWAGoldExpansionGrinding
NammuldiOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
Nifty CopperBirla Nifty Pty LtdWACopperOptimisationGrinding
North Star MagnetiteOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignGrinding
Nova Mill Design ReviewMinnovo Pty LtdWANickelNew DesignSAG
Nullagine Gold ProjectMillenium Minerals LimitedWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
PaddingtonPaddington Gold Pty LtdWAGoldOptimisationGeneral
PanoramaOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAZnNew DesignGrinding
Parker Range Iron OreLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAIron OreStudyGeneral
Paroo StationRosslyn Hill Mining Pty LtdWALeadExpansionOptimisation - Expansion
Pilbara Cu Zn ProjectLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAZnNew DesignSAG
PlutonicNorthern Star Resources LimitedWAGoldOptimisationGrinding
Pyrrothite Leaching BHP Billiton Nickel West Pty LtdWANickelStudyHydrometallurgy
Randall's Gold ProjectSilver Lake ResourcesWAGoldOptimisationGrinding
Robe ValleyOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
RosemontRegis Resources NLWAGoldNew DesignGrinding
Roy Hill BFSLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAIron OreNew DesignCrushing
SandfireIndependent Metallugical Laboratories Pty LtdWACopper/GoldNew DesignGrinding
Sirius Resources - Nova Bollinger PolymetallicLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWANickelNew DesignGrinding
Solomon and Chichester PGOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
Sorby HillsOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWALeadNew DesignSAG
St Barbara Leonora OperationsSt Barbara LimitedWAGoldOptimisationCrushing & Grinding
Sunrise Dam Gold MineAnglogold Ashanti AustraliaWAGoldStudyGrinding
Telfer EEO StudyClimate ManagersWAGoldStudyGrinding
Territory MineralsMonument Murchison Pty LtdWAGoldStudyMetallurgy/Supervision
Thunderbox Throughput PredictionsSaracen Gold Mines Pty LimitedWAGoldOptimisation and ExpansionSAG
Tropicana Circuit SurveyAngloGold Ashanti Australia LimitedWAGoldOptimisationHPGR
TuckanarraPhosphate Australia LimitedWAGoldStudyMetallurgy/Supervision
Tutunup ProjectIluka Resources LimitedWAMineral SandsOptimisationGrinding
Wiluna GoldMatilda Operations Pty LtdWAGoldStudyGrinding
Windarra ProjectArccon (WA) Pty LtdWANickelNew DesignGrinding
Windimurra SAG Mill ReviewLycopodium Minerals Pty LtdWAVanadiumNew DesignSAG
Yandi ScrubberOutotec Pty Ltd AustraliaWAIron OreNew DesignScrubbers
Saracen Crushing Circuit ModellingSaracen Gold Mines Pty LimitedGoldOptimisation and ExpansionCrushing
Project NameCountry/StateCommodity
Arafura Nolans ProjectNTRare Earth
Bigryli Comminution Circuit DesignNTUranium
Browns Cost ReductionNTCopper/Cobalt
Browns Oxide - HNC (Australia)NTCopper/Cobalt
Balranald Mining Unit - IlukaNSWMineral Sands
Bowdens ProjectNSWSilver
Cadia Fine GrindingNSWGold
Castle Hill GoldNSWGold
Cowal Comminution TrainingNSWGold
Dargues ReefNSWGold
Dubbo ZirconiaNSW Zirconia
Homeville Nickel ProjectNSWNickel
King Island ScheeliteNSWTungsten
Mineral HillNSWGold
North Parkes NSWCopper/Gold
Crocodile GoldNTGold
Highland Plains ProjectNTOther
Jervois ProjectNTCopper
Mt ToddNTGold
Nolans ProjectNTRare Earths
Northern Territory MagnetiteNTIron Ore
Peko ProjectNTGold
Redbank SulphideNTCopper
Union ReefsNTGold
PNG Gold OxidePNGGold
Dugald RiverQLDLead/Zinc
Ernest HenryQLDCopper
Georgina Basin Phosphate ProjectQLDPhosphate
Merlin ProjectQLDMo/Re
Mount CarltonQLDGold
Mt Gordon Flotation Recovery ImprovementQLDCopper
Nornico QLDnickel
Sedgman Scheelite ProjectQLDTungsten
Bungalow ProjectSAIron Ore
Carrapateena Project - ComminutionSACopper
Carrapateena Project - HydrometallurgySACopper
Central EyreSAIron Ore
Crusher & Screen SimulationSAGold
Iron Duke Hematite Tailings RecoverySAIron Ore
Prominent Hill Expansion StudySACopper/Gold
Uley GraphiteSAOther
Avebury NickelTasmaniaNickel
Hellyer Fossey Mine ProjectTasmaniaLead/Zinc
Mount Lindsay BFS ProjectTasmaniaOther
Rogetta Iron OreTasmaniaIron Ore
Stockman Copper ZincVICCopper Zinc
Agnew Second-hand Equipment EvaluationWAGold
ALS POX pilot PlantWACopper/Gold
Anketell and Lake MasonWAUranium
API West Pilbara ScrubberWAIron Ore
Argyle Diamond Drum ScrubberWAOther
Aurora EnergyWAUranium
Balla BallaWAIron Ore
Bauxite ProjectWABauxite
Black Swan RestartWANickel
Brockman Iron Ore ProjectWAIron Ore
Browns RangeWARare Earth
Buckland ProjectWAIron Ore
Burnakura RecommissioningWAGold
Cape Lambert Ball MillWAIron Ore
Cardabia PhosphateWAPhosphate
Carosue DamWAGold
Christmas Creek Plant AuditWAIron Ore
Cloudbreak Scrubber BenchmarkingWAIron Ore
Cookes CK TungstenWAOther
Doolgunna ProjectWACopper/Gold
Edna MayWAGold
Extension Hill AG HPGR Comparative Study - Scope 1WAIron Ore
FerrAus ScrubberWAIron Ore
FMG Christmas Creek Mass BalanceWAIron Ore
Forrestania Cosmic Boy Comminution ReviewWAnickel
Garden Well AuditWAGold
Gidgee Gold MineWAGold
Golden Grove Hybrid ScrubberWACopper
Gullewa MineWAGold
Hope DownsWAIron Ore
Ilmenite pilot millWAIlmenite
Jabiru Metals Comminution AuditWACopper
Jack Hills Metallurgical SupportWAIron Ore
Jaguar ConcentratorWACopper & Zinc
Jundee Grate InvestigationWAGold
Kanowna BelleWAGold
Karara Fine Grinding ReviewWAIron Ore
Kirkalocka Gold MineWAGold
Lake ChandlerWAPotash
Leonora Metallurgical Accounting AuditWAGold
Magellan Plant Start UpWALead
Marandoo Mine Phase 2WAIron Ore
Marda GoldWAGold
Marillana Iron OreWAIron Ore
Marvel Loch Throughput & Grindsize PredictionWAGold
Metallurgical AssistanceWAUranium
Mineral Sands ScrubberWAMineral Sands
Moolart WellWAGold
Mt HenryWAGold
Mt Holland GoldfieldWAGold
Mt KeithWANickel
Mt WeldWAOther
Mulga RocksWAUranium
Mungari OperationsWAGold
NammuldiWAIron Ore
Nifty CopperWACopper
North Star MagnetiteWAIron Ore
Nova Mill Design ReviewWANickel
Nullagine Gold ProjectWAGold
Parker Range Iron OreWAIron Ore
Paroo StationWALead
Pilbara Cu Zn ProjectWAZn
Pyrrothite Leaching WANickel
Randall's Gold ProjectWAGold
Robe ValleyWAIron Ore
Roy Hill BFSWAIron Ore
Sirius Resources - Nova Bollinger PolymetallicWANickel
Solomon and Chichester PGWAIron Ore
Sorby HillsWALead
St Barbara Leonora OperationsWAGold
Sunrise Dam Gold MineWAGold
Telfer EEO StudyWAGold
Territory MineralsWAGold
Thunderbox Throughput PredictionsWAGold
Tropicana Circuit SurveyWAGold
Tutunup ProjectWAMineral Sands
Wiluna GoldWAGold
Windarra ProjectWANickel
Windimurra SAG Mill ReviewWAVanadium
Yandi ScrubberWAIron Ore
Saracen Crushing Circuit ModellingGold

Process Design, Optimise, Commissioning, Training