Hydrometallurgy – Gold

OMC has fostered a highly skilled team specialising in the field of hydrometallurgy. This group is lead by a world renowned Hydrometallurgist with extensive operating experience in projects spanning the globe


OMC has extensive gold processing expertise and can provide assistance in all aspects of processing. Our team has strong testwork design, engineering and operational experience allowing us to offer a range of services including:


  • Liaising with geology to ensure testwork sample selection is representative from a spatial distribution and that variability envelopes are represented.
  • Specification and supervision of testwork programs to determine optimal extraction conditions such as grind size, oxygen addition and reagent optimization. Refractory gold, high copper and preg-robbing ores can be problematic and OMC has the experience to address these issues.
  • Gravity gold extraction and downstream processing through intensive cyanidation leaching or gravity finish.
  • Leach/adsorption circuit specification and operation such as tank residence time, operating densities, reagent addition, carbon management and GIC accounting.
  • Refractory gold processing through preconcentration, fine grinding, leaching or oxidation.
  • Desorption circuit specification and operation such as AARL, Merrill Crowe as well as electrowinning cell operations, current density, sludging cells operations and carbon regeneration.
  • Goldroom operations and smelting.
  • Auditing and operations reviews to ensure best practice. Gold loss deportment and recovery improvements.
  • Cyanide destruction testing, circuit specification and optimization.

Audit, Study, Improve