Comminution – Computer Modelling

OMC offer clients complete process design and optimisation services in all facets of mineral processing worldwide

Orway Mineral Consultants are highly trained in the use of specialist comminution circuit modelling packages including:


  • OMC’s Power Modelling
  • Plant Designer
  • Bruno
  • JK SimMet
  • LIMN
  • SysCAD

The ore characterisation testwork combined with detailed computer modelling, form an integral part of a process design or circuit optimisation. OMC’s power based approach and JK SimMet are seen as complementary systems and are used in conjunction to provide two separate methods to achieve greater confidence in the design basis.


The OMC models are regularly recalibrated using operating data from optimisations. This provides valuable feedback regarding the accuracy of the models for various circuit configurations and ore types.


OMC experience and a strong practical understanding of the circuit and equipment, support the models and simulations. This enables OMC to provide credible and realistic solutions to design and processing challenges.

Analyse, Model, Optimise