Comminution – Overview

Orway Mineral Consultants specialises in developing comminution testwork programs, performance and efficiency audits and comminution circuit modelling for the purposes of design and optimisation. This expertise encompasses a range of comminution processes through crushing, scrubbing, HPGR, AG/SAG, Ball, rod milling and fine grinding

Computer Modelling


The OMC team is expertly trained in the use of specialist comminution circuit modelling packages including JK SimMet, Bruno, LIMN, PlantDesigner and in house proprietary software. In house software has been calibrated and honed using the company’s large industry database acquired over 30 years.


Circuit Design


OMC has developed accurate and proven methods for comminution circuit design and selection throughout more than 30 years of experience. OMC’s modelling techniques utilise ore characteristic testwork to select the circuit configuration and to size major equipment. Simulation of mine schedules or the life of mine blend is then used to refine designs.


The results are used to produce an engineering design brief to assist the development of detailed engineering, capital and operating costs. The design brief includes circuit description, process flow diagrams with mass balance, major equipment specifications, consumable estimates and commentary on the circuit design including specification of essential functional requirements and control recommendations.

Circuit Optimisation


Orway Mineral Consultants optimise and audit comminution circuits worldwide. This process can involve a site visit to analyse circuit performance, review production data, control philosophies, undertake grinding circuit surveys and conduct plant trials.


In house tools are used to benchmark the performance of unit processes identifying potential constraints and bottlenecks. Poor control practises are identified and remedied to stabilise and optimise the operating circuit implemented.


Desktop studies using models produced from circuit surveys are then undertaken to quantify the effectiveness of recommended changes to the circuit.


Analyse, Model, Optimise