Mumi Sulphides

Mumi Sulphides


Project Category:

Circuit Options Study


Senet Pty Ltd (on behalf of Mutanda Mining)


Democratic Republic of the Congo


9.2 Mtpa





Scope of Work

OMC’s scope of work was to assess, supervise and optimise comminution testwork (scrubbing in particular) for various ore blends. Based on the testwork results, a suitable comminution circuit was then sized.



Three circuit options were considered as possibilities; Secondary Crush – HPGR – Ball Milling; Tertiary Crush – Ball Milling; and Secondary Crush – Ball Milling.


Notable Feature

The samples tested for Mumi Sulphides were among the most competent in OMC’s database (in the top 10%), but had well below average grinding indices. As such, SAG milling was found to be a very inefficient circuit option from an energy perspective.



The Secondary Crush – HPGR – Ball Milling option was the most efficient from an energy perspective, but posed some significant cost issues associated with maintenance of the HPGR’s. Secondary Crush – Ball Milling was significantly less power efficient than the other two options due to the issues with high ore competency. It was also the least elegant from a design perspective. Tertiary Crush – Ball Milling was the OMC recommended circuit option. The study is currently still in progress and further testing is underway to validate the extreme competency of the ore.