Lethlakane Uranium Project

Lethlakane Uranium Project

Letlhakane Trial Pit for Surficial Ore

Letlhakane Trial Pit for Surficial Ore


Project Category:

PFS Testwork


A-Cap Resources Ltd




9 Mt/annum ore (to produce ~3.5Mlb/annum U3O8 as uranium tetroxides)





Scope of Work

OMC in conjunction with Kappes Cassiday and Associates Australia (KCAA) and ALTA Metallurgical Services (ALTA) provide metallurgical testwork support to A-Cap Resources Limited.



The Letlhakane Uranium Project deposit consists of several different uranium bearing ore types. The surficial ores contain calcretes and mudstones where the uranium minerals are secondary in nature. The primary ores containing primary uranium minerals (e.g. uraninite, orthobrannerite etc) are spatially located at Gorgon, Kraken and Serule West. These ores can be treated via either acid or alkali heap leach processes to produce uranium tetroxide product. The shallow surficial calcrete ore will be mined and processed employing the alkali heap leaching route. The remaining ore types will be treated in an acid heap process.



The OMC-KCAA-ALTA team is assisting the client in the planning, coordination and management of the bench scale column testwork. OMC is providing the preliminary engineering and analysis of the testwork results.