Leinster Nickel Operations

Leinster Nickel Operations (LNO)
Separate Size Flotation Project (SSF)
Additional Coarse Cleaning Project (ACC)

LNO SSF, Leinster, W. Australia

LNO SSF, Leinster, W. Australia


Project Category:

Process Design


Western Mining Corporation Ltd


Leinster, Western Australia


3.10 Mtpa





Scope of Work

Provide process design and commissioning services to Lycopodium Engineering for the LNO Separate Size Flotation Project and Additional Coarse Cleaning Project. These brown fields upgrade to the LNO flotation circuit were part of the LNO 90 project aimed at increasing recovery to 90%.



SSF included feed preparation classification into coarse and fines, reuse existing cells for: coarse roughing, scavenging and cleaning. New fines rougher tanks cells, reuse existing cells for fines scavenging, cleaning. ACC consisted of new coarse cleaner flotation cells banks being added.


Notable Feature

Installing 2 x OK150 tank cells at elevation to minimise pumping costs. Evaluating existing flotation capacity to suit the SSF flowsheet and selecting new duties for the existing cell banks. Extensive flotation floor pump modifications, extensive launder modifications, new samplers and Multi Stream Analyser to provide real time performance data. Minimal tie-over time between the old circuit and the new SSF circuit.



The projects were successfully commissioned in 2002/2003 leading to the desired increase in recovery.