Dutwa Project

Dutwa Project

Scrubbing Testwork

Scrubbing Testwork


Project Category:

Definitive Feasibility Study


Red Hill Nickel Ltd




27,000t/annum nickel mixed hydroxide precipitate intermediate


Copper / Gold



Scope of Work

OMC in conjunction with Lycopodium Minerals Ltd is providing metallurgical testwork and process engineering support to Red Hill Nickel Limited for the Dutwa Definitive Feasibility Study. OMC is responsible for the comminution and hydrometallurgical components of this study.



The Dutwa deposit consists of two main ore types, namely Ferruginous Silicious Ore (FeSi ) and the Transition Ore. The ore is leached in a two stage atmospheric tank leach with beneficiated ferruginous ore fed in the first stage and transitional ferruginous/saprolitic ore to the second. The discharge from the second stage leach circuit reports to a CCD circuit. Thereafter classical primary neutralisation, secondary neutralisation, primary MHP, secondary MHP and manganese removal circuits make up the balance of the flowsheet. The leach residue is conditioned with limestone prior to disposal.



The OMC-Lycopodium team is assisting the client in the planning, coordination and management of the bench scale and pilot scale testwork for the DFS study. As part of the DFS study, four process trade-off studies were carried out to investigate the most suitable processing route for the project. The Dutwa DFS is still ongoing with the pilot testwork scheduled for Q1 2013.