Dutwa Beneficiation Testwork

Dutwa Beneficiation Testwork

Dutwa Core

Dutwa Core


Project Category:



African Eagle


Tanzania, Africa


5.0 Mtpa





Scope of Work

OMC’s scope of work was to design, supervise and optimise the beneficiation testwork for various ore types from the project. Particular focus was on the specification of scrubbing testwork and analysis of the results.



The circuit consisted of open circuit scrubber/s treating various ore types with different scrubbing conditions with the aim of optimising beneficiation performance. Low grade oversize is discarded.


Notable Feature

Beneficiation allowed the rejection of low grade oversize material, thereby reducing plant size and the potential removal of the milling circuit.



The benefits of beneficiation are significant when treating some ore types. Variability testwork and piloting provided further data assisting the design of a beneficiation plant. When combined, the results clearly defined options for the design of the beneficiation circuit and the pros and cons when treating the variable ore sources.